What is the Life Cycle of API ? Why we need life cycle of APIs ?

  Application Programming Interface, It's like a broker or intersection of certain software that helps in creating a chain of call requests for fetching data from one software to another.

API Life Cycle:

The API Life Cycle divide into the following categories :

Create/Design :

What is the Goal of API? Before you are going to create an API make sure you are choosing the right strategy and create a goal of API uses in your organization/Industries, The Design phase is the most important part in which you have to make sure the goal of API fulfill your demand for your organization/industries. Do design phases tell how your message will transfer between the backend to the front end developer using the API the key, what is the way of access to data you want? It totally depends on your requirements and your customer.

Table of Contents

api life cycle
API Life Cycle

Deploy and Control :

This is the implementation phase in which, the actual implementation begins either by using a framework integration of API or by using the language of API development, which is the most important part of data or message exchange.

Maintain and Refine :

Maintenance of API is the last part of the phase, in case suddenly any issues arrive, The maintenance phase helps to maintain the API. The Refine is defined as upgrade the current version of API with a new API with efficient work or better than previous.

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