What is API Management ? How API manage the services ?

  It is the process of creating, deploy, and maintenance of the web API.

API Managements

It is the process of creating, deploy, and maintenance of the web API, The whole process is a divide into such category as shown in the figure:

API Management.

Table of Contents

Create :

Such a process in which the API is created, based on the requirements of the developer or customer.

Deploy :

Deploy the API using the framework or other API languages.

Invoke :

Invoke is the term where we make a call using API Key in such a way as shown in the API Key section like as GET method, As a String and As a cookie.

Manage :

API management manages the Data of *.json format in such by which we can be able to send or receive the data easily.

Analytics & Analyze :

API management provides or handles some systematic analysis of data and insights for their subscription of API by which they can be able to see their data in a systematic way, which helps in to analyze the data. It provides a detailed description of their customer behavior, customer services, funds, losses/profit (if a company), and predict based on analysis, etc.

Monetize :

It refers to the term revenue. Use the API (Application Programming Interface ) by which we can simply revenue from it e.g create such an API that helps customer management and then sell it to the company that needs it.

Transform :

We can be able to transform and update the existing API into a new API which is also known as refining the API.

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