Types of APIs based on services ? What is the best API Approaches ?

  API stands for application programming interface

Types of APIs ?

Types of APIs can be categorized in three different parts:

  1. Based on Approaches/Availability
  2. Based on Services
  3. Based on Protocol

Table of Contents

Types of APIs based on based on Services:

  1. APIs of Database: API can be used in a database management system between the databases and developer, it helps in reducing the extra efforts, a developer can just write their queries and execute them via an APIs to fetch the data. For example, Drupal 8 Database API can be used to execute the queries for different types of databases e.g Oracle, MySql, etc. It can be executed dynamically.
    1. Advantages of Database APIs.:
      1. Easy to use
      2. Easy to Integrate with different types of Applications
  2. Web APIs: Web APIs used HTTP ( HyperText Transfer Protocol ) to make the resources available, HTML uses HTTP to deliver the data on the web. Which is also called the REST APIs or RESTful.
    1. Advantages Web APIs
      1. Supports any text format
      2. Can be used GET, POST, PUT, DELETE (CRUD Operation)
  3. Operating System APIs: These types of APIs used within the operating system to call the function and use of resources. OS APIs are used to interfaces the Kernel, Rendering the Graphics like using AMD, Nvidia graphics, and Video Acceleration API, etc. In Operating System, APIs also known as Application binary interface.
    1. Advantages Operating System API
      1. Help in system resource sharing.
      2. Binary interface

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