Types of APIs ? What is the best API Approaches ?

  API stands for application programming interface

Types of APIs ?

Types of APIs can be categorized in three different parts:

  1. Based on Approaches/Availability
  2. Based on Services
  3. Based on Protocol

Table of Contents

1. Types of APIs based on Approaches/Availability :

  1. Private: We use the private method where we want to use individually or internally as personal work. Basically used by the company.
    1. Advantages Private API:
      1. Enhance the flexibility of work
      2. Reduce the cost of management
      3. Good infrastructure
  2. Partner: This approach is used to working within organizations as the group shared, by which we can share the work with some group of people for their development work.
    1. Advantages Partner API
      1. Suitable for business (sharing common API can reduce extra efforts)
      2. Value-added services
  3. Public: This type of API is made for everyone, they can use it publicly, e.g Air quality index API which can be used by anyone with their API.
    1. Advantages Public API
      1. Helps in a lot of research ( R & D).
      2. For Public Development purpose.
      3. Can be used to broadcast a message e.g Alert messages

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