How to get medium API Key? How to use medium API using php ?

  This tutorial will help you to integrate your website with Medium through integration token which you can get from the medium.

This tutorial uses the Medium API using PHP SDK, you can get it from click me.

There are two ways to integrate a website with Medium through API as mention below:

  1. Self-issued access tokens
  2. Browser-based authentication

This tutorial uses the Self-issued access tokens to integrate a website with Medium.

Self- issued access token based ( Medium API using PHP ):

Why we need access token ?
In order to access the user’s profile and control to post the content on their medium accounts, we need an access token( Integration token ). Before access we need a self-issued access token, the steps are given below on how to get the Integration token of the Medium platform.
NOTE :Make sure you mention these instructions to your client by which they can know how to get the integration key and add it to your website using the input field, we will discuss it later.

Table of Contents

STEP 1: Click on profile and navigate to Settings:

STEP 2: Now, click on Integration tokens from left menu as you can see below:

STEP 3: To get the integration token you need to fill the description:

STEP 4: Fill the description and click on Get Integration token :

STEP 5: You will get the access token as shown below, copy this integration token to access medium using the website:

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